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Batam provides universal online gift registries for expecting parents. The company allows parents to place items from any online store onto the registry, ask for favors such as home-cooked meals or request friends and family to contribute to a child’s education fund. At the same time, Batam also curates a store of “best sellers” that warehouses items and ships directly to consumers through the registry. 


With the entire internet as its resource stream, Batam had to focus its development team on constant improvements to its commerce system and customer experience. At the same time, the company needed to develop tools that would marry a lightweight warehouse management system to Batam’s own complex e-commerce system. In the Bay Area's competitive talent market, savvy developers with the necessary technical skills would be cost-prohibitive.


By engaging Hathersage Technologies, Batam received the precise lightweight integration tools it needed within two months, with little to no involvement from the core product development team. 

To work with Batam’s proprietary Ruby-based e-commerce system, Hathersage Technologies assigned a developer with experience in both Ruby and warehouse/inventory systems integration. The developer created the tools Batam needed to allow its warehouse items to “disappear” from the online registry once they were ordered, while communicating with the warehouse to place an order and fulfill it. 

“We discovered a problem with the 3rd party API, and our developer had to wait until that company fixed the problem on their end. The beauty of the way we operate is that while our guy stopped the clock, the client was not charged,” said Hathersage Technologies President Francis Potter. “The flexibility to dial back our engagement makes working with remote independent professionals ideal for surgical projects like this one.”


By pairing Batam with an experienced developer who could quickly learn and understand both the baby registry’s needs and the warehouse/inventory system, Hathersage Technologies was able to provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution to this growing startup.

Hathersage Technologies allowed our in-house development team to stay focused on our commerce system – which is the lifeblood of our business,” said a senior Batam executive. “The work they provided was quick, efficient and effective. It continues to allow us to grow and thrive as our business takes off.


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