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Financial Services


C# / .NET



Athens is an international quantitative investment management company that employs a precise mathematical formula to make equity investment decisions for its clients. Athens’ algorithm is dependent upon thousands of pieces of data from hundreds of sources that are integrated daily. But financial services is not a one-size-fits-all industry.


The product development group responsible for developing and operating Athens’ core engine needed a way to allow portfolio managers to adjust the engine’s “settings” based on the needs and desires of their individual clients. Athens had a precise and complex system, but it needed to become more malleable to keep up with advances in investment optimization.

Athens engaged Hathersage Technologies to build the tools that would allow portfolio managers to view the relevant data and modify the portfolio construction process based on market conditions and client instructions. To meet this challenge, we assigned two highly experienced C#/.NET developers to work with Athens’ product development group and its investment managers.


During the course of the six-month process, one of the engineers and Hathersage Technologies President Francis Potter made a three-day on-site visit to meet in person with the project manager and Athens’ executives. To allow us to build the tools that would allow for meaningful and personalized data analysis, Athens had to share its source code repository – meaning confidence in our work, integrity and discretion was critical.

Also critical was Hathersage Technologies' willingness to work with Athens' back-end technology, including some legacy systems and some highly specific newer frameworks. Because of our commitment to avoiding reseller relationships with software companies, and the experience level of members of our freelancer network, our technologists are able to adapt to a wide variety of technical contexts.

“This is something we pride ourselves on," said Hathersage Technologies President Francis Potter. "We can find engineers to do things your way within your context and get up to speed quickly.”


Hathersage Technologies' ability to quickly develop a deep understanding of Athens’ technology and needs resulted in the creation of tools that Athens still uses, more than a year later. The tools have allowed Athens to better serve their clients and to remain a leader in global portfolio management.

As the Athens project manager said, “The professionalism and insights of the Hathersage team made us feel as though they were less an outside consulting group and more as though they were part of our team.


*Project code names protect the confidentiality of clients